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This is a theo/biblio-blog by Aaron White.

The title of the blog, Mosissimus Mose (Moses to the nth power), is a classic title of The Sermon on the Mount by one of my personal heroes, Martin Luther.  I was reminded of Luther's saying while reading Ernst Käsemann's essay, "The Sermon on the Mount - a Private Affair?"  

It is the Mosissimus Mose that reminds us as Christians exactly where our hope is placed.  As Käsemann says, "It is precisely the weak, in themselves imperfect and rejected by perfectionists, whom the Father of Jesus uses as his instruments."  He goes on, "He does not make them whole and strong and holy in isolation, but free in the discipleship of His Son to love and, in it, to conquer their own and alien hinderances.  This goes beyond the mere domestic sphere.  True surrender of the disciple is unbound, not a private affair, tends toward aid to the world, extends freedom everywhere."  

So we are called to discipleship together in a shared hope. My hope is this blog is a manifestation of Mosissimus Mose.  

Mosissimus Mose - to the glory of God!


Aaron White holds a BA from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis where he also co-founded The Theological Fellowship @ Covenant Seminary; and is currently a PhD. candidate at Trinity College, Bristol; advised by the Rev. Dr. John Nolland.  His primary area of focus is the appropriation of scriptural texts in the NT.  Specifically, his dissertation is on the reception and appropriation of the LXX-Minor Prophets in the Book of Acts.  He has published in the area of Pauline studies (ETL 90.4), has had book reviews published in JETS, and numbers presentations.  He is a student member of both ETS and SBL, associate member of IBR, member of The Tyndale Fellowship, serves on the committee for "the LXX" at ETS, and was part of the inaugural student scholarship award program with ETS in 2012.  He is also an MNA (Mission to North America) church planting apprentice with New City Presbyterian Church (PCA), Hilliard, OH.  

Other contributors will come along the way.  They will be indicated by their respective posts. 

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