Friday, February 28, 2014

Biblio-blog Carnival Time!: The February '14 Edition

Welcome to the Carnival!  I am a bit random in my blog reading, so you will probably see how that works itself out below.

Yes, it happened.  Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated science and faith. And, yes, for the next three months whenever I close my eyes I will think of this, uhhhhh, event.... However, I would be irresponsible in my duties this month, even though you may not like it nor want to hear about it any more, to not acknowledge that it happened.   Over on BLT - Bible * Literature * Translation some fuller attention is given to this debate, here (I will withhold my opinions, since I am simply reporting what I am seeing "trending").

In slight relation to the above noted post (but not really at all), Linguae Antiquitatum explores Jerome's influence on the word "firmament" in Genesis 1:6, and how it could be a classical "turn of phrase."  My Latin is about is good as my Mandarin, so you may have to tell Jonathan is he is onto something...   

Next, not to be entirely self-serving, but I am sure there is a sinful aspect of me mentioning this, on this blog Chris Fresch (PhD. candidate, Cambridge), Ed Glenny (LXX and NT scholar, and professor), and myself are dialoguing about T. Michael Law's book When God Spoke Greek. The dialogue begins here. It's a good dialogue, even if I am involved.  Check it out!

I was waiting for someone to do it, and Ben C. Blackwell did.  N.T. Wright has now reached Chuck Norris notoriety.  

The consummate persona non grata (though some love his vocational choices! "Come here a second; let me get that!  A little brown on there..."), or enduring foil, for evangelicals, Bart Ehrman, comments on the recent controversy of snake handling in the wake of the reported deaths by this practice in KY.   My favorite line: "I’ve always thought that someone in the ambulance on the way to the hospital ought to tell one of those snake handlers, 'You know, that verse wasn’t originally in the Bible.'"
A series of posts on the Great Commission begins here on Dan Wallace's blog.   Here is what Wallace is exploring:
There’s a myth foisted on the Christian public about the meaning of the Great Commission (Matt 28.19-20). It goes something like this: “In the Greek, the word translated ‘Go’ is really a participle and it literally means, ‘as you are going.’ But the words ‘make disciples’ are an imperative in Greek. That’s the only imperative in these two verses. Therefore, the Great Commission is not a command to go; rather, it is a command to make disciples as you are going, or make disciples along the way.”
This could be very important to the church immediately, specifically in the pulpit!

Finally, David Capes announces a session at SBL 2014 exploring "How Jesus became God."  It looks like a great panel sure to give great insight and bring about interesting discussion. 

Phil Long just emailed me this morning and said he still needs a Carnival volunteer for MARCH (next month!).  Email him directly at if you are interested! 

Thanks, folks.  Have a great continuing-Winter!


  1. Thanks for the carnival. I have volunteered to run the carnival at Dust for March. Please email me at dustcarnival at gmail dot com. I will be looking for a musical theme (though not exclusively) in the Biblical Studies field.