Friday, January 10, 2014

Documenting Progress So That You Feel Productive!


I heard from a couple wise men that have traversed the great gap between starting a dissertation to passing a VIVA that often times they felt unproductive.  These men said that they would at times document how much they read in a week, or wrote in a day to remind themselves that even though work appears to be at a standstill, things are getting done!

I have been having a season like that.  So, as an example, I wrote what I did today.  It was encouraging to see what I actually did accomplish!  I encourage you to do the same once in a while, not for personal pride, but to find encouragement in the fact that it'll all get done.

Here is my entry (I also posted for friends on Facebook, so sorry if you have seen it already):

The PhD process is a lonely road (especially for an extrovert!), many days feel like unproductive spans of wasted life. Today, just to document for myself and encourage others like me, I witness to the fact that: I wrote a Sunday school class introducing the gospel of Mark; (2) wrote a book review on chapter one of When God Spoke Greek; (3) read a 15 page article, took notes on it, and interacted with it; and (4) wrote 900 words in a section of my dissertation. Praise the LORD! And if you are in the same life-stage as me, you'll understand and hopefully be spurred on!

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