Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3rd Annual Covenant Thelogical Conference in St. Louis

I am excited to announce the third annual Covenant Theological Conference.  This conference will take place next Tuesday on the campus of Covenant Theological Seminary in Saint Louis.

Three years ago myself and Daniel Robbins founded the Theological Fellowship @ Covenant Seminary as a resource for those seeking to engage the possibility of an academic ministry.  This conference is part of this fellowship.  The purpose of the conference is to encourage each other and sharpen our thinking by hearing the research of our peers and presenting our own.  The conference in the past has not only included masters level students from Covenant, but has welcomed PhD candidates from Concordia Seminary, Wheaton Graduate School, Saint Louis University, the University of Bristol, and others.  This year there will be similar diversity among the presenters.

This year's plenary speaker is the Reverend Dr. Jimmy Agan.  He will present on“Paul as Diakonos Christou: A New Translation and an Ancient Doctrine.”  Also, see Dr. Agan's article on a similar topic in the latest JETS. 

In the coming year, for the fourth annual conference, I will put up a call for papers in about November, so that you may have an opportunity to have a broader hearing of your own research. Stay tuned!

See the conference flier below. 

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