Friday, December 13, 2013

A Brief Thought on NT Wright's Psalms Book from Jack Collins

So, I know, I know.  The NT Wright book to be talking about Wright now (that was intentional!) is not his Psalms volume just published earlier this year (see his new Paul book here). But Wright is also publishing a book on the Psalms.

I posted the link to Wright's book earlier today on my FB account, and got this great nugget from my Psalms prof, Jack Collins (OT Professor at Covenant Seminary):

The book is pretty decent, but it's short. It's more about motivating us to use the Psalter as a song-book more than we do, and I appreciated that. It covers less than, say, Lewis' Reflections on the Psalms, though it does stick better to the main idea. Wright does articulate a vision for the right kind of interpretation, one that respects the Biblical storyline. Made me realize that the only commentary I know of that carries that vision out is in the ESV Study Bible.
Look for a full-length review in Presbyterion early 2014, and if you don't get that journal, I believe it will be accessible via ATLA.


  1. Time to spell-Czech (sic) in the title, bro: "Pslams" ?

  2. Thanks, Tommy! Sorry, -STPs aren't big on details, like editing. It is definitely a close 10th place.