Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ETS 2013 in Review

Just days ago many from biblical scholarship arrived home from Baltimore where ETS/SBL/AAR were respectively held this year.

I attended ETS only this year because on Saturday it was my 30th birthday, and I wanted to be home with the family.

Here were some personal highlights:

First, I had the opportunity to moderate a NT general session on Tuesday.  This was a great experience to serve ETS and to meet some fine scholars.  Also, I presented my paper on Paul and metaphor in 1 Cor. 6 at the VERY LAST parallel session time on Thursday.  In spite of the time slot, my paper was attended by a few scholars that knew the pericope of 1 Cor 6:12-20, and great conversation ensued after my paper.

I had the opportunity to meet a few scholars I had hoped to cross paths with.  First, I met Chad Van Dixhoorn.  Chad edited and published the entirety of the minutes that were behind the Westminster Assembly.   

Also, I was able to have a minute to speak with I.H. Marshall.  That will be a moment I will always remember.

Finally, I went to hear Walter Kaiser speak on preaching Christ back into the OT.  Epic!

Schools of my allegiance were also well represented.

Covenant Theological Seminary:

Robert Yarbrough, of course, this year's president delivered a great address titled: "The Future of Cognitive Reverence for the Bible," served on a panel on Bonhoeffer, and moderated a section on Johannine Literature: Theology in John.

C. John "Jack" Collins presented on the panel concerning the Historicity of Adam and Eve, of course, with some well placed humor.

Robert Peterson presented in a systematic section on the union with Christ with a paper titled: "Indwelling of the Trinity as an Aspect of Union with Christ in Paul"

Brian Aucker presented in the Old Testament Literature section on "Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?: Royal and Divine Characterization as Governing Images in the Portrayal of Elisha"

Michael Farley moderated a session on Biblical Worship

Trinity College, Bristol:
Upon further research, though I saw many Trinity College, Bristol folks at ETS, I was the only one presenting/moderating.  C'mon TCB!

Books I purchased:
I was, of course, looking forward to NT Wright's two-volume book on Paul, and his volume of collected essays.  Those now stand on my bookshelf at work.  I also picked up the new COMBINED Septuagint (Rhalf's) and NA28.  Upon my initial glances through the large (2.25" thick) volume, it looks to be what it is, Rhalf's and NA28 smashed together.  I would like to see in the future a more cohesive volume with AT LEAST the same type-face and NOT three-booklets (1 German/ 1 English for NA 28, and 1 for the LXX in Latin).  Many other notable books were also released, including Bird's (Australian) Evangelical Theology, which I will probably pick up with some Xmas $.

The conference was very encouraging.  I am hoping in the near future (that is, brewing in my head right now!) to draw young scholars in ETS together into a tighter community.  This will help us to track with each other, encourage each other, and begin to plan projects that will take place in the near future (I have a few working at the moment)!  Stay tuned and suggest ways this may happen.  ETS has a director in Mike Thigpen who is very open for visionary direction!

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  1. hey aaron. cool to hear about your time there. i would be interested in reading your paper. also, it already feels ages ago that I had these types of conversations. you will probably be my window into the academic world...remember to leave bread crumbs.