Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Received: Amos: A Commentary based on Amos in Codex Vaticanus by W. Edward Glenny

(It has been a long-while since I have posted.  The summer has consisted of an upgrade-VIVA [passed!], research conference, coaching tee-ball, and many other church responsibilities.  I will hopefully be getting back on the stick this Fall)

Great news!  A new volume has just been released by Brill in their ground-breaking LXX Commentary Series.  The series is, now, up to 11 titles, according to what is posted on Brill's site.  The Amos volume is Glenny's second in a contracted 12, that is, all the Minor Prophets.  

I reviewed his Hosea commentary previously on MosisMose, so go see it.  I will be giving a more formal review in JETS (upcoming).  The Hosea volume was great!  I am looking forward to finishing the Amos volume (I am mid-way through already).  

I know that this series for most is out of range financially, but libraries are finally acquiring them more broadly.  So go read them!  If your library does not have the volume you are looking for, SIN BOLDLY for a good cause, and request that they buy it - they normally will oblige such a request.

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