Friday, June 21, 2013

NEW Trinity College Post-graduate blog

I know! Right?!  A "new blog for those TCB post-grads"?  Hadn't they just started one a year ago called Mosissimus Mose?!  What have I been reading all along anyway?! 

Well, the active and observant reader has noticed it has been primarily Aaron White posting.  Fair enough - many reasons are behind this that are mostly made up with a crazy amount of coincidence, planning, and details-details, but all well-meaning in aims of bringing a quality blog!  Nevertheless, you will notice that I removed the subtitle for the blog.  The blog is now simply, and as it has been known, "Mosissimus Mose."  The blog will still be as it has been, bringing reviews, thoughts, theology, links, and hopefully some interviews in the coming year.  So stay tuned. BTW: MosisMose reached 12 thousand hits just toady in as many months, a good benchmark for an upstart!  

As a teaser, the post-graduate student body at Trinity College, Bristol has agreed at our currently occurring research conference to soon unveil a blog that will bring all of us doctoral students together in a blog conversation to demonstrate what is happening in our personal research and what is happening corporately at TCB.  It is a great development that I have been hoping for a long time now, and I made mention of earlier this year.  The details are still thin, but I will keep you all updated.  Many post-graduate blogs associated with programs exist around the blogosphere (Wheaton, and Durham come to mind), and for me personally have been of great benefit.  I hope, as I did even last June, that TCB's contribution will also be a solid contribution to the blogosphere, and will also showcase the contribution TCB is already making in the academic biblical and theological studies fields abroad! 

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