Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ten Thousand Hits

In less than a year, MosisMose has reached 10 thousand hits!  I am pretty excited about it.  

Our top five countries by hits goes as follows, in order: USA, Russia, UK, Australia, and France.  We've also reached South Korea, the Ukraine, and India, among many more.
In this time, we have also become book reviewers for Zondervan, Peeters, Brill, Baker, Wipf and Stock, and more.  It has been a pleasure, so far, to read such great literature and post our thoughts on a forum that has been read widely.

My vision for this year is that I will be able to sweet-talk some of my compadres at Trinity College to post along with me, and when they do post, they will leaving their posts up!  I think this would give a very interesting perspective, and I hope to pursue those on the sidelines to get involved at our Summer post-graduate research conference, in June at Bristol.  

Keep reading, and add to the conversation!  Thanks.

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