Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tyndale House Ties - In Case You Missed It

Last week, while I was studying at Tyndale House, I saw David Instone-Brewer wearing a fantastic bow-tie.  I am, of course, a big fan of bow-ties!  So, I commented on it.  He told me it was one of Tyndale House's new ties that they were making public that day! What a great stroke of luck, I thought, that I would be at TH when they released such a great item.

I announced the release of Tyndale House's bow and neck ties on this blog last week while documenting my journey.  Today, I will be wearing my bow-tie, and thought I would do my due diligence to make sure the announcement was not buried in my journey log.  So here it is: 

Tyndale House Tie Line can be found on this link.  Buy one!  It is a fun and stylish way to support a great academic ministry. 

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