Monday, April 15, 2013

@ Tyndale House - Day 1

Last night at about 8:30pm I arrived at Link House, Cambridge.

After a night of so-so sleep, I made my 1.4 mile trek to Tyndale House.  It is exciting to be in an environment of such devoted, capable, and Jesus and Scripture-centered scholars --- not to mention a bit intimidating.

Today may have likely rivaled my 'dream day'.

First, I was a witness to my friend and fellow scholar Dr. Ed Glenny receiving his newly published Hosea Commentary in the Septuagint Commentary series.  A commentary like this has been sorely needed for a long time and now a few publishers are answering that call.  Glenny's work on translation technique and theology in Amos has thus far been an enlightening read, and I look forward to his Hosea Commentary to come in the mail, compliments of Brill.    It was a special moment to personally see one's labors come to fruition in such a way.

Next, I was invited to tour the chambers of the Bible Society in the Cambridge University Library by my, now, friend Onesimus.  Here is what I saw and held and leafed through:

The first edition of Erasmus' 1514 Polyglot Bible.

The first edition of a 1611 KJV

The printing of the "Wicked Bible" --- This edition of the KJV excluded the "not" in the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

An original printing of the 1560 Geneva Bible

The first ever printed Bible at Cambridge University Press

The first ever printed Bible outside the West; a 1612 Malay Bible.  The story behind this Bible is that recently the Muslims in Malaysia claimed to have full rights to the title "Allah."  The Malay Christians objected by pointing to this Bible, noting that it existed before Islam.  The Bible Society at Cambridge UL copied out of their holding the proof for this claim.

A first edition (eighth edition - that is, the edition that included his crystallized studies) Tishendorf Novum Testamentum Graece. 

Tomorrow, I will return to the University Library (UL) to request an original Gutenberg Bible to observe.

I observed many other notable Bibles, but these are the salient in my mind.

Another great day in the UK.  

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