Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Bristol @ Trinity College - Day 3

Today, as I walked to to church, I imagined that I would get some rest, since the day is the Sabbath, and would not have much to report; but material sometimes just presents itself.

I attended St. Mary's this morning; just a stones throw from Trinity College.  It was a great service, but before the service the material broke.  While waiting, I overheard some interesting news and I followed-up with it when I was greeted as a visitor.  The greeter told me that Sherlock, the popular TV show on the BBC, would be filming all Wednesday at the door of St. Mary's.  I was pretty excited, because my wife and I watch the show (almost) religiously, but I was bummed because I would be leaving so early Wednesday morning that I would not get to pop over and see any of it.  Anyhow, I am glad for St. Mary's.  I think it will be a fun event for their church.

Tonight, I will be heading over there again for their evening service to hear Dr. Justin Stratis preach on the challenge of the Gospel in the beatitudes. 

Bristol, day 3. 

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