Friday, April 19, 2013

In Bristol @ Trinity College - Day 1

Today I left Cambridge, sadly, at 8am.  The train ride was nice, and I arrived in Bristol, Trinity College specifically, at 1pm.  

Unfortunately, not much to report.  I do love the train ride.  One of the most beautiful parts of the ride is the leg just before Bristol through Bath.   It was made a city in 1590 by Elizabeth I, but is best known for its rich bathing locations.  It was established by the Romans in 60AD, just 20 years after their arrival in Britain (approx. 43 AD).    The Romans called it "the waters of Sulis" (Aquae Sulis) because of its spa-like baths.  The Romans even built a temple upon the nearby mountains.  One king of England (Edgar) was crowned at Bath Abbey in 973.  I simply love the old buildings on either side of the tracks.  

Of course, a great part of Bath is also Bath Ales, brewed in Bath.  

I recommend their mainstay brew, Gem.
I am very excited to be in Bristol to meet with my friends and professors.

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