Saturday, April 20, 2013

In Bristol @ Trinity College - Day 2

Today, after a good bit of reading and reflecting in the morning, I went on a walk with my friend Raggie.  He is a masters student from the Faroe Islands.  He is my Viking friend - no, seriously, his family is descended from Vikings.  It's awesome!

Anyhow, we walked a bit in Bristol (3.5 hours).  The destination of note was the John Wesley Chapel.  This chapel was erected in 1783, and is the oldest Methodist Church in the world.  Its actual name is "The New Room."

Here is a note from their page:

It was built and used by John Wesley and the early Methodists as a meeting and preaching place and the centre for helping and educating the needy members of the community.
The chapel itself is on the ground floor (where there is also a shop) and is accessible from either the Broadmead or Horsefair courtyards. Upstairs, are the Preachers’ Rooms where the MLA accredited museum is located. This contains a unique collection of papers and artifacts and tells the story of John and Charles Wesley and their life and work in Bristol.

What was the most fascinating to me was the pulpit.  The only way to access it was by going upstairs and coming down about five stairs to the pulpit.  From and seat in the chapel, the pulpit was visible.  I have included a couple pics.  

At the front of the chapel was a bronze statue of John Wesley on horseback, where he spent a great deal of his life.  And at the back was a bronze statue of Charles Wesley.  Upstairs in the common rooms and bedrooms were many artifacts of John Wesley's life.  The most interesting there was his stand-up study desk.  He did not think it was healthy to sit too long, so he built a standing desk off a windowsill so that he could stand and study.  He was short, only 5'3", so I could have sit at the desk.  

Day 2 - in Bristol

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