Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Received: Hosea - A Commentary based on Hosea in Codex Vaticanus

Today, I am excited to announce that I received my review copy of W. Edward Glenny's Hosea: A Commentary based on Hosea in Codex Vaticanus.

As I mentioned in one of my posts in Cambridge, I was present with Ed when he first saw the published version of his commentary.  It was a neat moment.  This commentary is part of Brill's Septuagint Commentary series, and is the first of twelve that Glenny is contracted to write; of course he is writing on the Minor Prophets (Amos is due out soon, with Micah to follow after).  

I look forward to reading this commentary and getting back to you all.  Ed's dissertation was great, and I hope you have read my brief review of it posted last week.  

Thanks, again, to Brill for this copy.

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