Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bird Kicking Some tail and Taking names at Covenant Seminary

So, many months ago now, Michael and I were exchanging some email correspondences.  In light of Bird's visit to Covenant Seminary, the PCA's denominational seminary, I think I'll share a little joke that was passed from him to me.  He said that he is often asked if he moved to America if he would be PCA.  His response is that he would but he has a problem with subscription; to which one may reply: "to the Westminster Standards?"  "No," Bird responds, "to World Magazine!"  Its funny cause it's true.

Anyhow, a few reflections on his visit to St. Louis.  These are second hand since I was 8 hours away, unable to make the occasion.  

First, a charismatic friend of mine has posted an interesting post on Bird and reflections on work, and output.  Check that out here.

Secondly, Bird spent time with the Theological Fellowship @ Covenant Seminary, which I was very appreciative about.  Notably, our rooster logo was of some interest to him (see Mt 26).  He had a tight schedule of many lectures and meetings, so thanks to Mike for making the time for our group!

Third, and a little self-indulgently, I will quote a BIG, and a bit funny, compliment my co-founder and current senior co-chair of the theological fellowship sent me: "Wow. Michael Bird is an older Australian version of you." (There's more, but I will leave it at that so as to not make my head too big)  I love to hear stuff like that! ;)

Anyhow, it seems to have been a very edifying meeting on many fronts.  Michael Bird appears to have embarked on, and is now continuing, a ministry that is having broad and positive/God glorifying effects worldwide.  Worth supporting!

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