Thursday, January 31, 2013

Should Christians Boycott Discriminating Universities?

Now two schools, and many others unnamed, are openly discriminating against Christians (though many who have attended many state and private universities in the past know the discrimination was not to far below the surface).  Most know of Vanderbilt's threats earlier last year to kick off such Christian students groups such as Campus Crusade.  Now the University of Michigan joins the mix by kicking the Inter-Varsity chapter off of their campus.  Both of these schools are discriminating against evangelicals under the guise of non-discrimination acts.

So my question: Should Christians begin to boycott these universities?

These are prestigious universities.  It will take a 'Bonhoeffarian' stand which will require costly discipleship.  Is it worth it? Is the world really ready for "equal rights," or selected-audience rights?

Everyone worships something.  It is beginning to become more clear what our American universities worship.

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