Thursday, January 10, 2013

Metaxas Speaking Tour

This just came across the wire to me.  Eric Metaxas, best known for his Bonhoeffer book, but also author of the William Wilberforce biography, Amazing Grace, that led to the movie of the same name, and also children's book writer, and long-time writer for the series Veggie Tales, is starting a speaking tour in early February.

This tour is about Bonhoeffer.  I believe he will also be speaking about his upcoming book entitled, 7 Men and the Secret to Their Greatness.  Sounds good.

I personally loved Bonhoffer, and boo to you who poo-poo the book because Bonhoeffer looked too much like this or that (as if anyone has actually been able to successfully pin Bonhoeffer down!).  Also, his Wilberforce bio was incredible.

PS. anyone studying for the GRE. Read these two books! It is as if Metaxas took the Kaplan GRE vocab box and included them all tastefully into his narrative.  That was the only fun, non-despairing, times I had studying for that exam.  Thanks, Eric!

Here is the link to the site.  The prices are very nice, and they come with a book (students $20).

A couple Metaxas vids:

Metaxas intros himself at "Socrates in the City":

At National Prayer Breakfast: (got to say, he does not pull punches here.  At 25minutes he lays into the issues.  Remember, Obama is two chairs over from him... I respect this man highly.)

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