Monday, January 7, 2013

Is Ignorance Really "Bliss"? 2012 edition...

So some say "ignorance is bliss."  I will say that from time to time, but I rarely believe it.  I think that addage is normally just another reason to ignore reality.  However, sometimes 'ignorance is bliss' just happens!  2012 was that year for me.  It can likely be attributed to me living my own life, and not others' lives.  That is, I graduated from grad-school, entered post-graduate (and those of you in post-grad know you dont just 'enter' - you know all the work that goes into that!), we moved 400 miles, and started a new job - oh! and we are expecting our fourth child; nothing big...

But once things began to slow down a bit, relatively, I realized I missed some cultural 'things.'  First, apparently some crazy Korean guy came over and taught Americans a dance, even our President (no comments), that bears a lot of resemblance to dances that often take place in the end-zone each Sunday afternoon in the Fall in America.  Ray Lewis comes to mind. It is called the Gangnam Style. 

And secondly, today I was informed of 'YOLO.'  I was reading the Her-meneutics blog.  I guess it means "You Only Live Once."  Her-meneutics calls it the new WWJD.  I prefer the line attributed to Jack Black (the guy is pretty insightful), "I am fairly certain that ‘YOLO’ is ‘Carpe diem’ for stupid people." 

I wish I actually had time to analyze what these two trends mean about our bored and uninspired culture, but again, I have a life to live.  I guess, I will dance on out of here Gangnam Style and realize YOLO! 

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