Monday, January 14, 2013

2nd Annual Theological Conference

As announced earlier last week, The Theological Fellowship @ Covenant Seminary is hosting its 2nd Annual Theological Conference in just a week (January 22nd).  Here is a brief article on it in Covenant Seminary's The Thistle

I just got a sneak peak on some of the papers topics.  I am excited.  Here is a sample:

"Is Inerrancy Modernistic? Biblical Epistemology of Testimony and the Prophetic Office"   

"What Did Paul Mean by 'I Do Not Permit a Woman to Teach or to Exercise Authority Over a Man'?"

"The Development of Puritan Sacramental Theology in New England"

"Exploring the Huguenot Legacy in South Carolina:  How an Exiled French Acadian Family Made Baptist and Textile History"

"Why can’t we Hear the Music? Five Common Objections to the Imitation of Christ"   

"Sin and Atonement: What the Pentateuch Teaches Us"

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