Monday, September 17, 2012

ESV Version with the Critical BHS and now the NA28

After I posted about the NA28 the other day, I did not have time to look into it much.  This morning, though, I found another exciting point.  Like the BHS that was recently published with the ESV text on the adjoining page, the NA28 text will be published in hardcover with the critical text on one page, and the ESV translation on the other (in other words, these texts look a lot like the Loeb texts in format; see below for an example).

This is particularly exciting, because up to now the OT/BHS text had nothing like this, other than cumbersome and rather unhelpful interlinear editions, and the NT was published in the UBS edition with the RSV.  It is great that Crossway and the UBS (presumably) came to an agreement to produce these two projects.  These two works will be indispensable tools for pastors, students, and scholars for many years!

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