Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Devotion to God and the Question of 'Praying Enough'

During this season of research, like in my time at seminary, among some of the first things to go is sadly prayer and devotion time.  This battle is always one I am fighting.  But then I read something like what Luther says below, which sounds a lot like Matthew 6:7

"Die Weise des Gebets ist, wenig Worte zu machen, aber viele gute Vorsätze und tiefe Gedanken zu hagen."

Of course, this is not excusing us from praying all together, but what is it implying?  Does it mean that the resolution to "pray more" is more influenced by the pietistic traditions that preceded our generation?  Overall, what does it mean for our devotion to the Lord?  Thoughts like this one from Luther and from certainly Matthew 6:7 seem to imply "praying more" is not a goal we should be attempting to reach.  

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  1. Definitely a good and refreshing word. Agree that the length of prayer should not be a goal. I like the very wordy thoughts of John Owen: "One principle end of prayer is to excite, stir up, and draw forth the principle of grace, of faith and love in the heart, unto a due exercise in holy thoughts of God and spiritual things, with affections suitable unto them. Those who design not this end in prayer know not at all what it is to pray."