Saturday, September 1, 2012

All A Wife Needs to Know About Her Scholar

Martin Luther's relationship/marriage with Katerine von Bora is always interesting and entertaining.  He married her, reportedly, to stick it to the pope, and loved her over time.  For such a disfunctional life, their marriage seemed to function to a certain degree.  Here in a letter he reports how he is away from the house, noting the important things, namely how he is eating and drinking (beer, that is):

In einem Brief an Katharina:

Ich gebe Euch und Euer Gnaden untertäniglich zu wissen, dass mir's hier gut geht: ich fresse wie ein Böhme und saufe wie ein Deutscher, das sei Gott gedankt, Amen. 

I wonder, as I write this, if Luther ever discussed his controversies and theological writing with Katie... I am most certainly sure she was aware of them, but was it a consistent topic of conversation? Upon reflection, I know I can be tempted to invite my wife up into the clouds with me.  In other words, I have a penchant to believe that I can catch my wife up on my hours of study and my interest in my subject of study in a moments' conversation, believing that suddenly my calling in life is hers.  I do not think this is part of becoming one in marriage.  

It seems from Luther's letters (and I have read the three volumes in the LW American edition) that this was not the paradigm of his relationship with Katie.  Their conversation seemed to be about the farm, the brews (Kate was a wine and beer maker), health, and kids.  What this says to me is that though Luther was incredibly busy, he at least appears to have been present in his cares for his wife and family, and their day-to-day living, even while he was stuck up in a castle translating the bible in German!

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