Friday, August 31, 2012

Robert Yarbrough's FSI Schlatter Lectures

Robert Yarbrough's 1995 FSI (Francis Schaeffer Institute) Lectures on Adolf Schlatter's life and thought are over on Covenant Seminary's site.  They have been up for a while now, but I have seen the excitement about them on a handful of other blogs and thought I would pass this along too.

Dr. Robert W. Yarbrough‘s 1995 Francis Schaeffer Lecture Series at Covenant Theological Seminary on “Adolf Schlatter and the Future of Christianity” is available for free as nine MP3s.
  1. Schlatter’s Life and Legacy
  2. Schlatter’s Life and Legacy – Q & A
  3. Schlatter’s Interpretation of Scripture
  4. Schlatter’s Interpretation of Scripture – Q & A
  5. Schlatter’s Methodological Genius
  6. Schlatter’s Methodological Genius – Q & A
  7. Schlatter and Prayer
  8. Schlatter’s Promise for the Church and Theology
  9. Schlatter’s Promise for the Church and Theology – Q & A

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