Friday, August 17, 2012

Cheek Alert! - M. Eugene Boring on New German Lukas Commentary

Just a couple weeks ago, I was reading over on RBL Eugene Boring's review of a new German commentary on the Gospel of Luke by Detlev Dormeyer (Professor für Neues Testament at the universities of Münster and Dortmund).  While reading this review I had a little belly laugh when I sensed a little cheek from Boring.  I will share...

Boring says:
"After a brief (nine pages) introduction, the commentary proceeds through the Lukan text
paragraph by paragraph, with a fresh translation in clear and simple German, followed by
an equally clear and simple series of comments aimed at the general. Sentences are short.
Vocabulary and syntax in both translation and commentary are eighth-grade or so.
“Biblical” vocabulary is avoided (e.g., “disciples” [traditionally Jünger] become “pupils”
[Schüler]). There are no footnotes or references to secondary literature, though a brief
bibliography is appended, limited to recent German works. The volume concludes with a
five-page glossary providing one-line definitions of such terms as Synagoge (“a building in
which people gather for prayer”) and Pharisäer (“a religious reform-party”)."
And the cheek...
"Dormeyer’s projected readership is on a lower academic level than Luke’s."

Cheek aside, Boring does emphasize in the end the usefulness of the book for four different audiences, and finds it to be a manual that is a "helpful and responsible model of what is involved in reading the Bible as Holy Scripture with the insights of critical scholarship". These comments put the book on my Amazon wish-list.

Sorry if no cheek was intended, Dr. Boring!

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