Monday, August 27, 2012

Larry Hurtado on Applying to UK PhD Programs in NT/Christian Origins

Over on Larry Hurtado's Blog, Dr. Hurtado gives very helpful advise on applying to a UK school.  I found that much of what he said is what I found to be true in my journey.  

Of note on his advise: I would say that when he said "We require applicants to do advance reading before applying...", he could mean previous study on a topic that one would propose to study in a dissertation, but this could be misread and could overwhelm a student seeking to apply.  In other words, I did not do a whole lot of study when I sat down to write my proposal for Dr. Nolland, but that was only because I had presented twice already on parts of the subject I proposed to study and therefore was rather well-versed on the topic I was proposing.

Dr. Hurtado also has another blog on The UK PhD: Structure and Pressures.

He also gives a shout-out to Covenant Seminary Alum and brilliant young scholar, Dr. Matthew Novenson, and a great scholar to research with at Edinburgh.

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