Friday, August 10, 2012

Keep the First things First

Martin Luther, again, helps in the area of academia.  This time in reference to the balance between family and work - or, that is how I am applying it.  I know that I can come home from a day of study and have my head in the clouds for the next few hours, mulling over and over my thoughts from the day, and thus desiring to get more work done and not to focus on my children and wife.  Luther was a scholar who dealt with the same issues as scholars today (probably to a greater degree), namely that there is always something to take our attention from our family.  But here, he says in reference to our children, that the worst thing for the church is the neglect of children, but the best thing for the health of the church is focus on our children. It is a good reminder and exhortation!

Es gibt keinen größeren Schaden in der Christenheit, als Kinder zu vernachlässigen.  Denn will man der Christenheit wieder helfen, so muss man fürwahr bei den Kindern anfangen, wie vor Zeiten geschah. 
From Mit Martin Luther von Tag zu Tag: Ein Jahresbeleiter, 10. August.

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