Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Distance PhD: Addendum

Just yesterday I was corresponding with a well respected pastor/scholar who completed a residential NT PhD at one of the UK's most storied schools, under an accomplished scholar.  What came from the correspondence was an implicit advantage for pursuing a PhD from distance (I will allow the pastor, his school, and his advisor to remain annonymous because I promised I would do so, and this is in the end the experience of one man at one point of time... so, as they say, results may vary). 

"I’m actually glad to know about this “distance” alternative. Three annual trips, I figure, would still be a small amount compared to borrowing the necessary funds for life and study in Great Britain...."

"It’s worth noting that though I was a resident in [the UK] from 1975-1978 (and certainly profited greatly from the library, from the stimulation of other students, and from life and worship in [the UK]), I probably saw [my advisor] ten times over those three years and never for more than an hour at a time. I did my work by myself and in that respect might have been living in Timbuktu. Indeed, in those days – can’t speak to today – one had the impression that if he chose to take off to Switzerland to ski for three months no one would have known you were gone or cared! So, for a British PhD, research oriented as it is, without classes or seminars or examinations, the difference is much less between distance and residency programs than it would be in other European countries."

Again, the opinion of one, but one I trust.  It is worth considering.

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