Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bantam Review mention over at Euangelion

Over on the Aussie-style Presbyterian's blog, that is Michael Bird's blog, the Covenant Seminary Theological Society's Bantam Review, the first annual journal of CSTS, gets a shout out (here).  You can access the journal here.

The CSTS is a student founded and led group, myself and my friend, Daniel Robbins, founded last summer.  There is a larger history and stated purpose of our group in the journal linked on Bird's blog.  The review consists of five papers given by students at our annual paper giving conference (there were 35 student and faculty members giving papers);  abstracts of the rest of the papers; our weekly leadership meeting minutes; and a schedule of events from the year.

It was truly a great time to see the Lord work through our meager efforts, and glorify himself across many audiences, not simply nerdy white-guys!

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